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Why this site?
South Africa has had a fair share of negative publicity in the world (good news rarely being sensational). It is difficult, if not impossible to portray the intricate tapestry that makes this country so special. It is a country of opposites, of contradiction and of controversy. But it is also a country of reconciliation, of high ideals and of singular beauty. The site is the culmination of months of research and a desire to present this gem of Africa to the rest of the world to enjoy.

Who we are:
This non-profit site was conceptualised and created by Etienne Marais and a small, dedicated team of researchers and designers. We are all proudly pro-South African and believe in the vast untapped potential of the country. This website is our contribution to our fellow South Africans and to all its supporters.

The Origins:
The website was developed early in 2001 simply to promote all that is good about South Africa. In its modest beginnings it was called InsaneTree.com and was the first site of its kind in the country. Numerous other sites with a similar theme have since sprung up, and we welcome the "competition", as its all for a good cause and it only pushes us to improve.

Contact Info:
Etienne Marais
Suite 56
Private Bag X1028
South Africa
email: info@zar.co.za


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